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Author Topic: Searching for a VPN that provides bulk Dedicated IP's at a low price  (Read 554 times)

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Hey guys!

I need to buy about 20 Dedicated IP address VPN connections(20 different dedicated IP's and I need to be able to use them all at once), and I've decided to come here to see if you have any suggestions for me.

Currently PureVPN is looking like the best option, as they provide Dedicated IP upgrades for $1 per month. The only issue with this is you cant purchase multiple dedicated IP's for use with one account, so I would have to purchase 20x $6/mo subscriptions, which definitely doesn't seem like the most logical solution.

Let me know if there's any better options that you guys know of, thanks!

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    • خرید کریو - خرید فیلترشکن-خرید vpn