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Author Topic: Which is the best VPN client for windows that you can use other than supplied?  (Read 460 times)

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Iam using DigibitUK VPN for 2 months now, for just £2 a month its a brilliant service, although their software is very poor (reflected in cheap prices) but you can use the OpenVPN client instead which is much better (it has a DNS firewall command you can enter into each certificate config to prevent the DNS leaks that happen in Windows 10 due to parallel DNS requests), the OpenVPN software (like DigibitUK's supplied clients) do not have 'connect at startup' (too connect the VPN at said server at system boot) or a 'kill-switch' (detects when the VPN drops and firewalls your ISP connection while it re-connects, to stop you accidentally falling back on your ISP IP address).

Can anyone recommend any VPN client that I can use that has all the features I mentioned earlier? (DNS firewall, Connect At Boot, Kill-Switch) as I would very much like to have these features.