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Author Topic: VPN and LastPass Password Manager  (Read 323 times)

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VPN and LastPass Password Manager
« on: September 12, 2017, 04:06:38 PM »
I use LastPass as a password manager.
Until recently, I was using ExpressVPN and had no issues at all with LastPass while connected to VPN.
ExpressVPN seems great, but it has a rather high price tag compared to other competing VPN programs, so decided to give NordVPN a try.
I've been trying it for almost 30 days and the experience has been perfectly fine with just one exception -- LastPass will refuse to work while NordVPN is connected.
It connects successfully and then disconnects almost immediately. I then receive an email from LastPass saying: "Someone, hopefully you, recently tried to login to your LastPass account from a device or location that we did not recognize. We prevented access until you have reviewed the details of the login attempt: ..."

So somehow it seems that LastPass is fine with ExpressVPN, but will not work while connected to NordVPN.

I emailed both VPN customer service departments.
I asked NordVPN why this is happening while it is not happening with ExpressVPN.
Their reply:
That happens, because VPN makes LastPass think, that your location is different, thus preventing you from using it. However, we are not aware of a workaround for this situation.

I then emailed ExpressVPN to ask -- hey if it makes perfect sense that LastPass will not identify my device/location when connected to NordVPN, then how come it works fine with ExpressVPN?

Their reply:
While you're connected with ExpressVPN, you're actually using a shared IP address. There might be another user who's already using our VPN service for LastPass and the IP they're using is already recognized by LastPass. This can be why it doesn't trigger the security login feature when you loging to LastPass using our service. Since we have so many customers already, its safe to assume that our IP address has been marked as safe by various websites.

Does this sound reasonable?
Has anyone had similar experience?
My trial period with NordVPN ends in a couple of days, and this might be a deal-breaker... so just wanted to get more info on this before I make my decision.