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Dear Experts

I am using Express VPN on my Linksys WRT 1900 ACS to access US Netflix from New Zealand ,,,, and I have to install their firmware

Not all VPN providers can provide access to US Netflix

Not all devices at home are going via VPN traffic only my Roku TV box


Couple of features disabled when I installed VPN Express firmware one of them like :

1- Parental Controls


2- Port forwarding (using that to access my security cameras when I am outside)

Without disabling the Express VPN What suggestion can be done to keep those features as I need them ?Using additional router ?


Note : My linksys router WRT 1900 ACS is compatible with DD-WRT firmware

Hi Experts

I tried to google for the below phrase (and many others) :


Looking for a document shows step by step walk-through how to configure Cisco Systems VPN client v5.0.07 (IPSec) to connect a mobile laptop (windows 7) over the internet to a small LAN office behind one of those branded router (D-link, Netgear , Linksys,,,etc).

Previously I have used TheGreen Bow but not Cisco System VPN client

Below Cisco URL wasn't too much helpful for me



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