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Thanks for this information can you please advise how can I do this? please provide any reference tutorial.


How can I see active user's (except.. openVPN-Status .txt file) if openVPN server configured on windows machine, also if I want to kill specific session.


VPN Server Setup/Administration / Building a VPN on Linux or Windows?
« on: January 22, 2013, 01:48:57 AM »
Hi There,

I have never built a vpn before but I have been assigned to do so. I have a public ip address and I am now wondering if I should use Linux or Windows. I have tons of Windows knowledge and limited Linux knowledge, but I have a goal set of studying for the Linux+ cert. This project does have a time frame. How difficult is it to setup a Linux PPTP VPN and should I go for it or take the safe windows way out and what is the up and downsides of each.

Thanks for you time.


I want to use a Windows VPN but only for a particular network, so that it doesn't take over my entire network connection.

e.g., Instead of the VPN becoming the default route, make it only the route for

Can this be automated so that whenever I connect to the VPN it does this?

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