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VPN Reviews / Re: Best VPN Review for Torrent and P2P
« Last post by tech_geek on March 13, 2019, 02:27:25 PM »
Not every VPN is great for torrenting. There are some features that you should consider before choosing a VPN for torrenting. Some of the most important are: No logs policy, fast speeds, allowing  P2P - torrenting and specifically designed servers for torrenting. You can check out the detailed report on how to pick the Best VPN for Torrenting.
Dear Experts

I am using Express VPN on my Linksys WRT 1900 ACS to access US Netflix from New Zealand ,,,, and I have to install their firmware

Not all VPN providers can provide access to US Netflix

Not all devices at home are going via VPN traffic only my Roku TV box


Couple of features disabled when I installed VPN Express firmware one of them like :

1- Parental Controls


2- Port forwarding (using that to access my security cameras when I am outside)

Without disabling the Express VPN What suggestion can be done to keep those features as I need them ?Using additional router ?


Note : My linksys router WRT 1900 ACS is compatible with DD-WRT firmware
Off Topic / Residential Remote Desktops
« Last post by ResNet1 on March 02, 2019, 06:50:40 PM »
A remote desktop is just a normal computer that you connect to remotely over the internet from your own personal computer and you can work and play remotely on the machine you just connected to as if you were sitting right in front of it physically.

When we think about working remotely, does the phrase residential remote desktop come to mind? Most of us have no idea what this means let alone what it is. Allow me to briefly explain…..

Residential Remote Desktops have the same operating system as you normally find in your own home: Windows 7, 8.1, or 10. These systems function and operate exactly the same as your home computer and often times have internet connection speeds far greater than what you might have in your house, which means you get far greater internet connection speed.

Residential remote desktops allow you complete freedom to bypass censorship, play your games, do your marketing, setup Google Ad accounts, and just about everything else you can think of.

Check them out here: https://bit.ly/2UgOmlr
VPN Discussion / Mobile Proxies & Social Media Account Creation
« Last post by ResNet1 on March 02, 2019, 06:47:31 PM »
For social media farmers, having the right types of residential ip addresses available to them for account creation is vital.

This is where mobile proxies come into the picture. Mobile proxies & social media account creation are like a match made in heaven. They are the perfect combination because in real life that’s pretty much how most social media accounts are created.

For the farming part of social media accounts, meaning marketers who need to create up to hundreds of accounts, doing it the right way will make your accounts last much longer than any other method.

Come visit us on Skype: and consult with us on what mobile ip’s can do for your social media account creation and marketing efforts.

View the Store:
VPN Discussion / Online Surveys & Residential VPN
« Last post by ResNet1 on March 02, 2019, 06:44:24 PM »
Many people supplement their incomes by completing online surveys. This is a very convenient way to add some money to your pocket while doing so in relevant ease.

What is not so apparent though, is that most online survey companies that actually pay out require survey takers to be physically present in specific countries only. This is where geographically located residential vpn services come into play.

Most of the online survey companies prefer participants to be located in the United States. So what do we do if we are located outside of the borders of the United States?

The answer is relatively simple: we pull out our residential vpn service and we connect to it and make ourselves appear to be located inside the United States.

Get it here: https://bit.ly/2NBtJ0w
Paid VPN Services / Residential VPN Services
« Last post by ResNet1 on March 02, 2019, 06:39:19 PM »
In the beginning we had data centers. Those data center services allowed us to carry out our work with faster speeds than our local internet service providers were capable of. Now this worked fine for many years, but as social media arrived on the scene many data center ip addresses became subjected to being blocked because they were seen as business addresses and not viewed as real users.

As the online world started to evolve again, we saw the arrival of business class residential networks. This made us look real again and social media accepted us with open arms. As technology progressed, residential vpn services were launched that helped thousands of bloggers and enthusiasts regain the foothold they had lost with traditional data center ip addresses.

Here at https://www.residential-network.com/store/ we strive to be a world class leader in residential vpn services because we know you need the right location and the right residential internet service provider for your job.
VPN How tos / Tutorials / Re: VPN and SABnzb
« Last post by Guszo1997 on March 02, 2019, 01:20:19 AM »
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VPN Reviews / Best VPN Recommendation For 2019!
« Last post by aliciatim on February 26, 2019, 02:48:17 AM »
Here is the some blogs and reviews for best vpn service recommendation for 2019. I found those VPN Reviews when i want to purchase a VPN service. I using this VPN service since 1 year and would be great to have this VPN service.

Here is the amazing blogs and reviews which helps you to choose your best VPN service.

Reviews Topics mention here:

•   Best VPN for Singapore
•   PureVPN Customer Review on Trustpilot
•   PureVPN Australian User Review
•   PureVPN Review Reddit
•   PureVPN Customer Review on CNET
•   PureVPN Review


Hope so It will Help you guys best of luck.
Off Topic / 10 Ways the NSA is Spying on You in 2019
« Last post by brettjohnson on February 25, 2019, 07:36:13 AM »
Just came across this page about NSA Spying. Damn! The surveillance is going to eat us alive.
Building Backdoors – NSA’s Favorite Pass Time
We all know about the famous FBI-Apple incident back in 2016. It was back then when Apple turned down FBI’s request to access data on an iPhone confiscated on the crime scene of San Bernardino shooters incident. Apple’s response accompanied a backlash to which Cook responded: “No one would want a master key built that would turn hundreds of millions of locks, even if that key was in the possession of the person that you trust the most…that key could be stolen”.

Obviously, that is one side of the coin. As per Snowden’s revelations, the NSA spends over 200 million dollars a year to make devices’ security vulnerable. Such mammoth amount is spent on collaborations with tech giants – creating backdoors for surveillance.

Another incident brought in the limelight was NSA-RSA collaboration where National Security Agency paid RSA USD $10 million to create a backdoor and distribute compromised encryption tools. Over the years, RSA has been claiming that their relationship with the NSA has changed, however, we strongly believe in this notion: once a thief, always a thief.

Of course, these are a few known incidents. There must be hundreds of such collaborations that we are not aware of. Alliances that are still operational, and spying on us along with the NSA, from the shadows.

Source: Is NSA Spying on Me?
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