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Author Topic: Affordable VPN Routers  (Read 1854 times)

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Affordable VPN Routers
« on: July 04, 2017, 10:46:54 AM »

I'm the founder of Easy VPN Router (https://easyvpnrouter.com/). My partner and I created this business after wanting to purchase a VPN router and realized how insane prices were from flashrouters. We also offer a flashing service for those who already own the models we sell.

I'm happy to assist anyone in creating one of these themselves and answer any questions. We use LEDE Project (https://lede-project.org/) after the fork from OpenWRT, and our own mobile and desktop app to make configuring with PIA easier.

There are many reasons why VPN routers are beneficial, but the primary one is ease of use (i.e. don't need to remember to turn on VPN client software) and preventing IP leaks if the VPN goes down or crashes. Even with PIA kill switch I still had IP leaks when torrenting for several days at a time.

Stay safe everyone