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Author Topic: EzVPN - 100% Private Servers - $6 USD/Month - Trial - PayPal/Bitcoin  (Read 717 times)

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Just another garbage VPN service? Wrong.

What makes this VPN unique, you ask? I offer a service I have yet to see anywhere else; 100% private servers.

What does that mean? Each VPN subscription you purchase, you get a server that you and only you have access to. (Unless you decide to share this service with anyone else.)

Each VPN server has a port speed of 1Gbps, and each port is only used by you.

You can request any cipher you wish, if you choose to use OpenVPN. Default being AES-128.

You have a choice of using PPTP and/or OpenVPN.

I also provide a test server, so you may test the VPN before purchasing.

You may use this VPN for anything you wish, i.e., streaming, gaming, browsing, torrenting etc.

Prices: $6 USD per month.
Payment methods accepted: PayPal and Bitcoin.

How to purchase? Simply send me a private message, or use one of the following methods below.
Phone: +1 903-459-5046 (US & Canada Only)
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