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Author Topic: am I accessing the web via VPN?  (Read 2118 times)

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am I accessing the web via VPN?
« on: April 01, 2016, 12:43:20 PM »
Hi there,
I am completely new to the ideas of VPN but have been drawn to it in the hope that I might reduce the number of afflictions of adverts and malware. I did some searching and decided to sign up to Spotflux Premium on the basis that it is simple to use and offers some protection against malware which a lot of providers don't seem to do. However, having subscribed and downloaded I really don't know if I am accessing the internet via the VPN or whether I am still simply going through my Orange livebox. The cause of my doubt is that I did a test and tried to access BBC iplayer but I got the message that I couldn't get access from outside the UK (I live in France) which would seem to indicate that I am not accessing via VPN?

I have sent 3 messages to Spotflux cutomer help but have received no replies apart from the automated message: "Spotflux is experiencing delays  with the help desk - please be patient". If someone could help me I'd be extremely grateful.

Here is where I'm up to:
The desk top icon doesn't bring up anything when double clicked

If I do a search for Spotflux on my laptop (running windows 10) it finds the icon and when clicked brings up a Spotflux window that tells me that I am protected, that full VPN is on and that my virtual location is London.

If I go to my control panel to look at network connections I find the familiar wi-fi orange live box and also an Ethernet connection that is described as an unidentified network Spotflux Virtual Network Device. (I am confused about the Ethernet connection because I rely on wifi and have no hard wire connections to the router). If I check the status of the Ethernet connection it tells me IPv4 is connected and checking properties and configure, it tells me the device is working.

So I suppose the questions I am asking are: from what I have described does it seem that I am accessing the internet via the VPN connection and if so, why can I not access BBC iplayer? And why the Ethernet connection and not wifi?

I apologise if this all seems hopelessly confused.... thanks in advance for any advice offered.

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Re: am I accessing the web via VPN?
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2016, 11:36:46 PM »
Dear RobW59,
I just clearly understand what you want to say.. give me some time to research about this matter of yours. I will get back to you with powerful response of your choice :) have a good day..

Best Regards.