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Author Topic: Need some advice om security on VPN strategy  (Read 6022 times)

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Need some advice om security on VPN strategy
« on: December 17, 2021, 05:56:51 AM »

i would really appreciate help on deciding a VPN strategy;

Say i have 9 PCs on my locan LAN and 2 NAS servers. I can do the following:

1. setup a VPN on the rputer which means all clients on the LAN are protected, but also that if say my kids want to stream TV in two different regions at the same time, that would not be possible.
2. Setup VPN on each client. But typically VPN solutions only allow 5-6 clients at the same time, this would however make TV streaming possible in 2 different regions simultaneously

My questions are:

1. If i create  a VPN on 3 PCs and 2 NAS out of 9 PCs on my LAN, then 6 PCs are not VPN protected. Would it be possible for a hacker to hack one of the not protected PCS (or a  not-vpn-protected mobile phone wireless connected to the router) thereby getting access to my LAN and from there be able to access and compromise the NAS and protected PCS ?

2. If this is not the case in 1) because the protected units are invisible inside the LAN, then how can the protected NAS on the LAN be accessed by any PC (protected or not) on the LAN ? Normally a PC can access a NAS via the IP for that NAS, but if this is masked then how to access the NAS?

3. If i go for a VPN protection, does it only make sense if all units on the LAN are VPN protected ?


Best, Nolan