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Author Topic: Airtel TCP VPN Trick Working With PD-proxy and VPNBOOK  (Read 25927 times)

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Airtel TCP VPN Trick Working With PD-proxy and VPNBOOK
« on: February 04, 2013, 10:06:33 PM »
Time for the North Indian to Rock Again, Airtel TCP VPN yes this is once again the Party In Mind trick and confirmed working in the UP East and West Side. The trick is based on the VPN Book and Some Times also worked with the Old Age Home PD-Proxy even with the Demo Account. I cannot confirm, but after 3-4 attempts with the PD-proxy the Airtel HSPA network was tweaked Again. You can utilize the full of the Airtel 3G network.

If you know how to configure this trick with the PD-proxy then its best for you as their is no disconnection problem in that. All the IP-address and Hosts are in the Config File, and you can easily tweak with it. I have attached a Screenshot when configured with the PD-proxy.

Benefit of this trick :

    HTTP and HTTPS Protocol Supported : Many of the online users use the eCommerce websites Like eBay and other Secured websites which uses the HTTPS protocols are now supported under this Servers.

    Zero Balance Condition : Connection will be established at Null Balance, no need of any plan.

    Android System Supported : This trick can also be configured in the Android OS via the VPN Droid or the Feat VPN as they allow you to create the Config File.

    Torrents Supported : Torrent Addicted Smoker, no need to worry as your food for life is already supported. If you face some difficulties in Downloading trick via uTorrent then you Must try the ZBIGZ Premium Version Trick

    Download Status : You can download the File in Parallel and can even resume it.

    VPN Stats : No extra Pop-up adds and Mal-ware Websites. Just browse in the Clean Environment.

Benefits of the PD-proxy Account :

    Parallel Download Support
    YouTube streaming with Low Memory Consumption
    No Pop-up or Banner Adds
    Use the default APN : airtelgprs.com
    No Disconnection or Isolated Downloads

How to setup this trick in Windows Platform :

    It is pre-considered that you already have the NMD VPN installed, if not then Download it from Here
    Download : NMD VPN http://fileurl.me/3kt3y

    If you are using the NMD VPN fr the first time then make sure you have the TAP drivers Installed.

    Now download this config and paste it in the System Driver >> Program Files >> NMD VPN >> Config
   Airtel TCP VPN Trick: http://www.openudp.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Airtel_TCP_443_openUDP.com_.zip

Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users RUN NMD VPN as the Administrator, if you are not doing this the NMD VPN will not be getting connected to the SERVERS.