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Cant get uTorrent to work with NORD VPN on ANY service
as you can see from my title, i have spent all day after signing up with NORD VPN to try and get uTorrent working with it to no avail, I followed the sockv5 approach in utorrent but that didnt work...and if it did, it would only work with the server your connected to (which changes every time you reboot).

also, I notice DOUBLE ENCRYPTION drops connection a lot, as does OBFUSCATED SERVERS (turns VPN traffic into HTTPS traffic to hide using a VPN) - searching implies slow connections as the problem, the thing is im on FTTC and getting 61Mbps down and 18Mbps up with 22ms latency day and night, NORD servers only reduce by 5-8% on average which is normal for overheads,

but my problem is 'no outgoing connections' - even with the port forwarded in my router which is ill-advised
It doesnt matter which service i choose, regular or P2P

I even tried SPLIT TUNNELING so that uTorrent DOESNT use the VPN, and guess loses connection altogether even when the option is on "DISABLE VPN FOR SELECTED APPS" it loses its full connection to the web - even with KILL SWITCH off??

can anyone help me resolve this?

thanks in advance
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