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WannaFlix - Unblock US/UK/Japan Netflix regions - 3-day free trial
Hello everyone!

I just started my Netflix unblocking VPN service, and I'm offering a 3-day free trial on my website, .

It unblocks US, UK, and Japan netflix, as well as Hulu, Amazon prime, BBC iPlayer, etc. for less than $5 a month (cheaper if paid yearly).

Also, you can get a 25% recurring discount on any subscription by using the coupon "redditvpn" on checkout.

I hope you like it, and feel free to reply if you have any questions. :)

It is better to use Express VPN rather than trying a service to watch American Netflix in Canada. I use ExpressVPN and it works the best. Easy connectivity and hassle-free streaming.
Most VPNs do not work with Netflix, even though according to some Netflix cannot really ban VPNs. I guess that makes sense but nevertheless it seems that most VPNs these days have issues with sites such as Netflix.
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