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Author Topic: Vizio Takes A Big Bite Of The Apple Experience Without The Apple Tax  (Read 69 times)

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Vizio Takes A Big Bite Of The Apple Experience Without The Apple Tax

At its Worldwide Developers Conference last month, Apple made much of the interconnected, easy-to-use nature of its devices, made possible through tight integration between its hardware, software and services.

But that tight integration comes at a literal cost: the so-called Apple Tax, the premium of 30 percent or more you can expect to pay for those iPhones, iPads and Macs compared to rough equivalents from other makers. Not everyone can or wants to pay that premium, just to watch TV or make a call.

And going full Apple brings more subtle costs too, in innovation and features, as is made plain to those perusing Epic Games’ 365-page “findings” document that sums up its recently concluded antitrust suit over Apple’s App Store. pg slot auto

Apple has been slow to adopt many technologies, blocked easy access to competitors’ offerings, and sometimes has opted for expensive non-industry standards on cables or other components. Just look at high-end Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones that have had 5G network connectivity and many camera enhancements long before they came to iPhones.

Fortunately, other companies are figuring out ways to provide big parts of the Integrated Apple Experience, without the Apple Tax.

U.S.-based TV maker Vizio provides a great example of what’s possible with tight integration between its large-screen TVs and highly regarded sound bars. Importantly, the paired devices nicely leverage Vizio’s SmartCast streaming platform, which gives app-based access on screen to most of the major subscription streaming services and dozens of other free channels and services.