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Author Topic: Fractory Brainstorms New Ideas on Metalworking Manufacturing Supply Chain  (Read 33 times)

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Manufacturing industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are signs of how a slow recovery is starting, in part helped by new efforts to make factories more responsive to volatile demand, the ups and downs of the battle against a changing economy. Today, a business that is positioning itself as part of the new defense of flexible custom manufacturing - a startup called Fractory - is announcing a $9 million Series A. (7.7 million euros), which highlights the trend.

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The funding was led by OTB Ventures, a leading European investor focused on early growth. post a product high-tech startups Existing investors Trind Ventures, Superhero Capital, United Angels VC, Startup Wise Guys, and Verve Ventures also participated.Fractory was founded in Estonia. but is now located in Manchester, England, which was a former strong manufacturing center in the country. And close to Fractory's customers, Fractory has created a platform

that makes it easier for people who want to get custom metal jobs to upload and order. and for the factory to accept new customers and work according to those requests.Fractory's Series A will be used to continuously expand the technology. and to bring more partners into the ecosystem until now The company has worked with more than 24,000 customers, including hundreds of metal manufacturers and companies. and overall The company has helped create more than 2.5 million metal parts.

To be clear, Fractory is not a manufacturer. and has no plans to participate in that process. but in the enterprise software business There is a market for people who can work in manufacturing. which is currently in the metallurgical line to contact companies that require metal parts manufactured using smart tools to Identify what needs to be done and associate that potential job with the expert producers who can do it.