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Author Topic: The Netflix anime that totally drives me crazy.  (Read 21 times)

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The Netflix anime that totally drives me crazy.
« on: September 14, 2021, 01:06:42 AM »

Prestige TV as of now is dead for me.

In a universe where humanity faces the dual threats of climate change and the terrifying diversity of coronaviruses. I wasn't convinced that I would have the time, energy, or motivation to consume this sophisticated, rewarding TV. It's okay, thank you. I prefer to watch disposable items that are easy to consume like Hi-Q!!Haikyuu!! It's an anime, sports anime, precisely the same as Slam Dunk, a Haikyuu-inspired show!! Focus on high school students: teenagers obsessed with volleyball.

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Wait... Volleyball? A specific sport that no one really watches or plays?

Yes. Volleyball. A specific sport that no one really watches or plays.Not interested in volleyball? That's understandable. It's hardly the most interesting or popular sport. When someone was forced to play volleyball in one incredibly painful semester in high school. i hate volleyball But I love Haikyu!!And in Haikyu!! Volleyball is negligible. Although it's a show that spends most of its time in volleyball practice and intense volleyball matches -- in Haikyu!! Volleyball was hardly important.More than anything, Haikyuu!! It's a show about people playing volleyball.Follow Hinata Shoyou,

a shorter-than-average high school student trying to succeed in height sports, haikyu!! Like most sports anime First and foremost is the show about overcoming adversity. Despite being challenged vertically Hinata was also blessed with incredible jumping power and athleticism. and pushes his high school team Karasuno Crow to the next level. Haikyu's power!! A large part of it came from watching Hinata dismantle the giant he had to compete with. If you've watched one of these anime You'll know exactly what to expect: long flashbacks, slow-motion drama,