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Author Topic: Casper cuts CMO, CTO and COO amid additional layoffs  (Read 21 times)

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Casper cuts CMO, CTO and COO amid additional layoffs
« on: September 15, 2021, 12:59:08 AM »

Casper laid off dozens of employees. including three C-level executives: Chief Marketing Officer Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer The source said The mattress company declined to comment.

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round of dismissal which was notified to employees on Friday Affects most of the retail and operations teams. by signaling that the business may be undergoing a broad restructuring Terminated employees receive severance pay.

especially Affected executives have all been recently added to the team. CTO Ben Clark has been with the company since July 2019, while former CMO Lisa Pillette joined Casper in March 2020. Casper COO Charles Liu was only at the company. Eight months before this round of dismissalCasper's CFO is still in its infancy. But that role also has a significant turnover.

In an April 2020 business update, Casper announced that the company's then CFO and COO, Gregory Macfarlane, is leaving the company. Interim CFO Stuart Brown has finally taken over. and three months later resigned. Michael Monahan, the latest CFO, took over, effective August 31, 2021.More than a year ago, Casper announced it was closing its European operations. by reducing its global workforce by 21%.

The move is the result of a new goal of Casper's "profitability" includes a focus on North American operations.The business implied that temporary retail store closures affected the direct-to-consumer channels as a whole. As a result, steps must be taken to reduce operating costs. The startup has now gone a step further by eliminating roles in the retail and operations teams.