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Author Topic: Facebook is reportedly considering a committee to advise on elections.  (Read 567 times)

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Facebook is considering forming a committee to advise on election-related issues around the world, according to The New York Times on Wednesday. Issues range from political ads to misinformation about elections. Moreover It's not just the US elections that the commission may find itself weighing complicated election issues. The commission is likely to have the mandate to look closely at elections in Hungary, Germany, Brazil and the Philippines.

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Facebook declined to comment.The committee looks a lot like Facebook's supervisory board, an independent panel of journalists, academics and activists often referred to as the "Supreme Court" that oversees Facebook's policies. Supporting Facebook's decision to ban Donald Trump, even since the company was founded last year hate speech How should politicians as a whole be treated? Content moderation in the coup d'etat Algorithm filtering and proper handling of satirical content

Although the Election Commission looks like a supervisory committee and similarly could give Facebook ownership of its conflicting decisions. But there could be important differences, according to The Times. While the supervisory board weighs the decisions Facebook has already made (as the Supreme Court considers controversial court decisions), the Electoral Commission will have latitude. to offer proactive advice Even the story that Facebook has not publicly expressed its stance.