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Author Topic: Ask about VPN service THAT ALLOW FROM OUTSIDE CHINA -> GET INTO INSIDE GWF  (Read 18360 times)

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Hello, all community,

I join this community with the purpose of asking. My question: IS there any kind of VPN that can help convert my android IP address inside Wechat into Chinese IP address? Or what kind VPN allows me to get INTO INSIDE GWF?

I have a situation. I have a Chinese citizen friend who lives in Zheng Zhou city, Henan Province. I install The Wechat International version before I traveled to Zheng Zhou. I did travel to Zheng Zhou on May 24th. However, my friend was busy to take care of her grandmother, so we could not meet. When I stayed inside GWF - Great Firewall, I forgot to add that friend Wechat.

Now, when I come back to the US where I moved around 4 years ago, I arrange and find one way to communicate with that Chinese friend again. That friend said doesn't receive any "friend request" in Wechat. I sent the "friend request" on Wechat a few times. I followed the Wechat rule about adding a friend.

I think it's GWF is blocked the signal from my international Wechat "friend request" to that friend. Before I left Zheng Zhou, I also ask another friend to send my Wechat QR code to that friend. Again, once that friend scanned my Wechat code and sent "friend request"-> I didn't receive anything from my Wechat side here.

When I stayed in Zheng Zhou city, I used ExpressVPN and I knew it worked to unlock Google from inside China. However, now I look for the reserve version. From outside to get inside.

Sorry in advance If my threat, my post here violence the forum policy and rules.
Thank you for reading