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Announcing NVIS - the Worlds First Managed Anonymity Network

Anyone who has a remote or mobile workforce knows that the Internet isn't safe.  NVIS is a new product that lets you make instant, secure and private networks for your team and computers.  This lets you define end-to-end connections via the Internet, but not visible on the Internet. It thereby cannot be tracked, spoofed, sniffed or hacked.

NVIS is a security and privacy layer that is simple, easy to install and automatically configured. You can control who accesses it, and provide group security for every remote device. Networks can be formed instantly worldwide.

Ideal for any business with:

*     remote or mobile workforce (even if they currently use VPN)
    site-to-site or B2B data sharing (manufacturing supply chain)
    sensitive data sharing (like medical imaging or financial data)
    businesses with existing or new Intranets (internal company websites)
    micro-segmentation between departments
Anonymity Benefits:

    Speak Freely: NVIS not only respects your privacy, we enforce it with uncensorable layer-2 encryption that you control.
    No Names: Universal Id is a unique blockchain address for total anonymity. No names are used and you get a NVIS IP that cannot be geolocated.

NVIS is low cost, installs in minutes and without the complexity (and weaknesses) of conventional VPNs like IPSec and SSL VPNs.

Now available at or
or register for info at
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