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Author Topic: Eye Floater sees "black spots" floating around, is it dangerous?  (Read 161 times)

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Eye Floater sees "black spots" floating around, is it dangerous?
« on: September 27, 2021, 03:13:47 AM »

Have you ever been in a hot weather? look up at the sky and found a black line or the drab dust floats in our eyes In fact, that's not a mystery dust. Or any parasites, trust theShaolinsalmon meal before you can eat it. But this is a symptom of seeing a dark shadow caused by the vitreous in the eye. Also known as Eye Floaters.

Causes of Eye Floaters
Eye Floaters or deterioration of the jelly in the eyes It is a symptom that we will see dark shadows or small dots, circles, floating around the eyeballs on both sides when looking in a bright area. like looking at the sky during the day Look at a piece of paper or something that is white. Most of them occur more often in the elderly.

What we see when there is vitreous degeneration in the eye is debris of the vitreous fluid in the eye that has deteriorated until it coagulates or weaves into a line that peels off from the vitreous. When these necrotic molecules hit the light, they cast a shadow onto the retina. become a shadow as we see In addition to occurring more often in the elderly Nowadays, people of working age are also more frequent from overuse of their eyesight. which most of the causes deterioration of jelly in the eye in people of working age caused by

Staring at letters on a TV, computer, or mobile phone for too long makes the eye muscles work harder.
Switching between screen and keyboard including plowing the screen on the phone causing the eyes to adjust focus too often
Are Eye Floaters Dangerous?
Eye floaters have not generally been identified as dangerous, other than being annoying when raising their eyes at the clouds or driving. Just wait a while, the body will gradually Adjusted to be less visible Therefore, there is no treatment. Even though the name of the symptom seems distressing But if it is more frequent and you see more flashes as well, you should consult an ophthalmologist. Because it may be a warning of a retinal tear. will be treated promptly