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Author Topic: Use the power now! Hamdog, Acting Prime Minister of Sudan was executed in a coup  (Read 85 times)

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Reuters/Agent/AFP - Sudan'sเกมสล็อตinformation ministry said on Monday (Oct. 25) it seized power last time. After acting Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, the Prime Minister's residence Surrounded by military forces and held in undisclosed custody after the Sudanese leader refused to issue a statement supporting the upcoming coup.

Reuters reported today (Oct. 25) that the Sudanese army instigated the eastern side. And on Monday, a coup d'état took power from Prime Minister Abdulla Hamdoc, US CNN previously reported, Hamdoc's residence in Khartoum surrounded by military forces. But it is unclear whether soldiers were sent to protect them or were ordered to stay.

A number of high-ranking Sudanese government officials were arrested and taken prisoner by a group of people dressed as Sudanese military police. Among the inmates included ministers and the Sovereign Council of Sudan. which takes care of the Sudanese during the transition

Reuters reported that Sudan's Ministry of Information announced on Monday (25) via Facebook confirming the coup and the arrest of Hamdock. It said the Sudanese leader was moved to undisclosed custody after he refused to issue a statement supporting the ongoing coup.

and pointed out that the Coalition had sent soldiers to imprison Hamdock in a shelter to pressure him to make a statement that would benefit the military.

The AP further reports that At least two Sudanese officials have confirmed that at least five high-ranking Sudanese government officials have been detained by the military. It indicates that they include: Sudanese Industry Minister Ibrahim al-Sheikh, Sudanese Information Minister Hamza Baloul and Mohammed al-Advisor Abdallah Hamdok's Fiky Suliman Media, as well as Governor Khatoum Ayman Khalid.

Reuters pointed out that the clashes took place outside the Sudanese military headquarters in the capital. Katum Airport is closed. and the internet signal was cut, according to the AFP report.