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Author Topic: The signal system is broken. British trains collide in the middle of a tunnel, i  (Read 85 times)

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Two passenger trains collided in theslotxo สมัครFisherton Tunnel linking Andover and Salisbury. south west england causing injuries to passengers and drivers

last sunday evening A train crashed in a train tunnel near Salisbury. south west england British authorities have designated the disaster and mobilized fire and rescue workers to help more than 50 injured.

Police officials said there were no fatalities in the accident. But several people were injured. including the driver and taken to the hospital

Great Western Railways, which operates the train, said the accident was a collision between a train traveling between Portsmouth and Bristol. with the train going from Waterloo Station in London to Honiton

The incident happened on Sunday evening. When a train was going through a tunnel to enter Salisbury Station. The carriage of the said train derailed. due to collision with some objects As a result, the train signal system in the area was completely damaged. Then another train ran into the first train. because there is no signal

Several passengers were injured because of the impact and centrifugal force caused by the collision. Because it was during the time the train was running into the station. Therefore, some passengers got up from their seats to take their luggage and prepare to get off the bus. The shock caused many to fall and collide with walls and objects in the carriage.

Rescuers had to smash the windows of the carriages to remove the passengers. Many of them fell into a state of shock and confusion. Dorset and Wiltshire fire and rescue officials said they had rescued about 100 passengers from the train, while a temporary victim center was opened at a church near the scene. to provide first aid to those with minor injuries