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Author Topic: The UN warns that the number of HIV infections in Africa may increase. After the  (Read 74 times)

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The UN warns that the number of HIV infections inslotxothAfrica may increase. After the public health system was halted due to COVID-19
On November 3, Reuters reported that Ms Vinnie Beyanima, director of the United Nations AIDS Programme. The United Nations (UNAIDS) said the number of people living with HIV and death from AIDS could rise high in the coming years. due to public health disruptions due to the spread of COVID-19 Although the rate of HIV infection and AIDS death rates has declined steadily over the past 10 years, by 2020 Africa will account for 22% of the death toll from AIDS. around the world

About 200,000 people in the West and Central African regions became infected last year out of 1.5 million globally, according to UNAIDS data. The wave of infections is rapidly increasing among vulnerable groups, including girls, women, gay men, sex workers. Drug users and prisoners who are not ready to access preventive measures and treatment

Ms Beyanima said at a health forum late on November 2, "We are quite concerned that when the 2021 data is released, there may be an increase in the number of infections. And the next few years may see a higher number of deaths. We will see these events in many countries. The number of people protected has decreased. The number of people being tested has decreased. and the number of untreated people increased. These are not good signs. But we still don't know what the impact on new infections and mortality will be.”