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Author Topic: Europol US police tag team sweeps dark web 150 suspects arrested, cash, guns, dr  (Read 52 times)

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AFP - Police around the Playing slots toslot online get money, not always having to invest in small increments, it might be a good way to save money. But it's definitely not a way to get rich, so when you see the opportunity to win You should add more bets. This will give you a better chance of getting bigger rewards than continuing with small bets, but you need to know how to manage your playing capital enough. And not affecting the money that has to be spent in other parts as well. Slotxo 2021 game is easy to play. world have arrested 150 suspects involved in illegal online shopping. Millions of euros worth of cash and bitcoins can be seized. including drugs and guns It is one of the largest illegal web crackdown operations.

Europol said on Tuesday (Oct. 26) that the operation, known as "Dark Hunter" began in January when the German police were broken. "Dark Market", the world's largest illegal online marketplace. Run by an Australian suspect for use in the sale of drugs. Stolen credit card information and malware

Europol stated that The arrest of the suspect near the Germany-Denmark border and taking control of infrastructure in crime enabling investigators around the world to discover archives of evidence

German prosecutors said at the time that A dark market was discovered during a cyber bunker investigation. A web hosting service based in an old NATO bunker. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) west of Germany

Since then, the European Cybercrime Center (EC3) under the Europol Start collecting intelligence data to identify your primary target.

"Darknet" includes websites that can be accessed by software. or granting of specific rights only to guarantee that The identity of the user will not be disclosed. In the past several months The Darknet is under increasing pressure from international law enforcement agencies.

Dark Hunter consists of operations in Australia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland. United Kingdom and America

In the United States, police have arrested 65 suspects, while Germany has arrested 47, Britain 24, Italy and the Netherlands four each, many of whom are Europol's prime suspects.

A total of $31 million in cash and virtual money has also been seized, including 45 guns and 234 kilograms of narcotics, including 25,000 ecstasy pills.

Europol, which coordinates with the judiciary Eurojust, added that Italian police had closed the Deepsy and Berlusconi markets where hundreds of thousands of illegal items were sold.