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Author Topic: Best Chance to have Multiple VPN with Multiple Browser Instances at the sametime  (Read 40 times)

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Hello all,

I am currently working on a small project. For this I need to access a website simultaneously through different browser instances with different IPs at the same time. Proxy are out of question, because they are too unreliable or too expensive (at least the ones I found).

It is possible with paid providers (in my case currently NordVPN - still trial period) to select different countries in the browser extension. This also works in parallel as I need it. But I am limited to the number of countries (about 25). But I would like to be able to select the exact server like in the desktop app (over 5000).

Do any of you know a VPN provider where this is possible? (Ideally without device limitation)

If not, does anyone have experience how else to implement this. My attempts went (unfortunately unsuccessfully) also already in the direction of openVPN and assign a server under Linux only one user, etc..

Thanks a lot! ;D

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