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Author Topic: Samsung will begin mass production of 3nm chips with 3GAE technology in 2022.  (Read 41 times)

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AnandTech reports that Samsung Foundry is the world's second largest independent chip maker after Taiwan's TSMC. Improved 3nm process efficiency using 3GAE pgslot (3nm Gate-All-Around Early) technology.

However, Samsung may start producing 3nm chips with such technology. Elephant elephants until 2022, put in a loop in 2021, will be produced for use only within Samsung.

A Samsung representative said, “We are considering improving the performance of the 3GAE technology and will begin mass production of chips in 2022.”

Additionally, 3GAP technology (3nm Gate-All-Around Plus), which has been developed following 3GAE, is also expected to begin production in 2023.