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PH Gaming Server (Pay attention to this thread please)
So, PH Gaming Server isn't  working again huh? Why can't you guys just tell your avid customers that you can't fix it and your server can't handle the load?

I know that the PH gaming server isn't directly connected to the PH server anymore, it redirects to another server located onto another country which causes this disconnection of our accounts to the game in less than 3 minutes.

You guys think of the monetary side, but frankly, your service sucks. INFORM your customers! We have the rights to know the real score since we are patronizing your product and supporting your business. Just tell us that you can't fix it, don't disappoint us further. We did expect a lot from you guys but sad to say, it only gave us big-time disappointment.

Can you guys still fix it? We only need a three-letter or two-letter answer, don't leave us hanging in the air. We are smart enough to understand your shoe and we know what to do right away once you give us your decent answer.

A few months ago you guys MASKED the IP Address, now you are redirecting the server. Give me one good reason to convince me that your service doesn't suck and that you are not deceiving your customers.

Sorry for the butt-hurt, I'm just a disappointed customer here trying to give justice for my hard earned money.
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