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Find the Best VPN working well in China
In china, lots of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more are blocked by Great Firewall of China!

You may also want to unblock Google Services with help of VPN in China!

Read this post to How and where to find the Best VPN for chinese,

Is Good choice to Choose a VPN company in china for Chinese?

I used to puzzle about why i can not find a VPN service or company in China, and now i know the reason for that’s because The VPN re-named as “jia su qi” which in Chinese character is “加速器“, When I talking to my one of my cyber acquaintance:)

After you know that, You can easily get the VPN companies in china, such as – 迅游网游加速器国际版, – 玲珑网游加速器 – 网易UU网游加速器, – 迅雷网游, – 海豚加速器, It’s easy to find more.

What is the best VPN for China?

On the bases of above criteria, there are very limited VPN for China available while some of them are already blocked in China by government of China.

ExpressVPN is known as one of the best VPN for China because of their high quality services, ultra fast internet speed and cheap rates. Although Express VPN is one of those best VPN for China which are allowed to use in China because it is not blocked or censored by the government. Following is the list of features and services which makes ExpressVPN the best VPN for China:
Here are few major players of the leading VPN service providers in the Chinese market -
realniceguy21: is great for china!
It's always best to ask the customer support of the VPN provider if they have working servers in China or not, because most of the time their servers gets blocked. I did the same before purchasing PureVPN. They always notify me whenever I ask them whether the servers are operational in China or not. Plus, the service is good for a VPN!
In fact, China does not have no VPN service. After two years of rectification, if you want to open a VPN service in China, you need to file it with the Chinese government. Therefore, China still has VPN services.
But if you want to visit a website like FB, then you have many other options, such as proxy, foreign vpn service, but foreign VPN services are not all available in China. According to my experience, Express and Nord are good choices, but which one to choose, you can refer to, this article compares the difference between the two services in detail. ,Hope it could help everyone.
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