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Many Chinese users have already found us!
I want to introduce you new vpn for China. We recently actively entered the Chinese region, but we have many satisfied customers from China, so we can safely recommend the Chinese use our service.

There is free anonimaizer and three days trial access - you can test the service and persuade in his capacity asю


Speed: Excellent
Unlimited Bandwith & Traffiс: ShadeYou VPN doesn't limit the Speed of your connection and Traffic. You will get really Unlimited Bandwith, Speed and Traffic.
Server Locations: USA, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, UK.
Price: 3.95 $/month, 8.97 $/3 months, 14.98 $/6 months and 22.99 $ for year.
Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP.
100% Anonymity: All Technologies of ShadeYou VPN make your surfing absolutely anonymously and let you feel truly freedom in Internet. Also we DON'T KEEP LOGS of your activity and don't request your personal information.
Encryption: 1024-bit Key Encryption, 1024RSA + cipher AES-256-CBC
Vpn client: Yes
Platforms: Service supports such platforms as PC, Mac, Tablet Mobile and working excelent with next OS's: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android. There are manuals for setup connections on different platforms - look this - 歡迎回來!
use, vpn quality for a low price, I would like more servers course. Special thanks for anonymizer
Use L2TP protocol on shadeyouvpn and connect to the HongKong server. This is a proven option as coming out of China in the World!
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