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what's happening
is this going to close down are they just updating a few things? because i would really love this to continue, even the demo servers are good enough I'd continue pay and use them.....
ive been using this service for 5 years i am very disappointment in whats happening..  i need the los angles servers to work please it says its online but never connects.. please dont close down 
the server list hasn't been updated
If you require a proxy service for web scraping, I would suggest using https://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/ . Fineproxy is a proxy service designed specifically to make web scraping easier, as you only need to code a script to send a list of sites to scrape to the PROXIES, and the service will automatically handle proxy rotation, captchas, or any other obstacles for you. There is a free plan with 1000 requests per month.
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