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British-US join forces to attack cyberspace

The United States and the United Kingdom are working together to "Determine the consequences" on common opponents who perform malicious cyber activities.This combined action will deal with "Threats developed with full capacity,

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Shared enemies are not named. But the announcement comes after growing concerns about ransomware in Russia.The plans were discussed last week at the U.S. intelligence chief's annual meeting.Gen. Patrick Sanders and Director of Government Communications (GCHQ) Sir Jeremy Fleming and Gen.

Paul Nagazone, head of the US Cyber ​​Command. "Reaffirms" its commitment to jointly deter and deter new a democratic country Both countries are committed to proportionate and necessary action within the law, they said.The US and UK are ramping up countermeasures in cyberspace – or

at least becoming more public.They also made it clear that long-standing intelligence partnerships have been translated into online offensive operations.The US strategy of "relentless warfare" means competing daily with foreign adversaries in cyberspace to try to make it harder for them to act.
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