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Title: Using native network access and vpn access at same time
Post by: floridaron on September 04, 2019, 01:28:42 PM
I need to have 2 remote pc's on the same subnet so that I can use some synchronization software between them. However, when I use a remote control utility to remotely access the remote pc in order to start up a vpn, as soon as the vpn connects I lose remote control access.   Seems like the vpn "takes over" and all native connections are disconnected.   I would like to find a way that the vpn exists side by side with the native IP address, and a program would use the vpn ip address only when its IP is specifically chosen.   The VPN that came with the Teamviewer product did this, but it seems teamviewer is kicking off a lot of "personal" users falsely claiming they are "commercial" users, so looks like I can't use Teamviewer anymore, so  I'm looking for an alternative.