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Surfshark VPN review
Surfshark VPN is a new player in the market but it came in like a wrecking ball. I'll point out the most important features it supports.

First, they have been audited by independent cybersecurity experts, they checked Surfsharks chrome and firefox extensions and the results were magnificent. Read about it here

Direct link to the deal here.

What they offer:

A great discount, 83% OFF, 1.99$/month for 2-year plan.
Access to major streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, BBC, HULU, HotStar etc)
Strict no-logs policy (They are based in the British Virgin Islands with no data-retention laws)
Supports unlimited devices.
CleanWeb feature (malware/tracker/phishing protection, AdBlock);
Whitelist apps to bypass VPNs servers if needed (Uber for example)
MultiHop (that's DoubleVPN feature);
Kill Switch;
500+ high-speed servers, all obfuscated;
Uses OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocol, very fast connection speed to the servers (I'm attaching server speeds, but picked the one nearby and my plan is good).
Ping allows online gaming.
The only thing lacking is a Linux client, but I think they'll develop it in due time because they released support for Android TV and Amazon Firestick, Linux app would be a logical conclusion for next update.

Last, but not least, if you purchase it you can choose to donate to the Surfrider Foundation to clean up the oceans and Surfshark will double that amount. I've been following closely their development and so far it looks like a really professional team.

And just an example why you might need a VPN, check out this terrible event in Sudan and how a VPN can help.

Have a nice and safe Christmas everyone!
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