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【Tutorial】How to choose the best VPN for yourself?
Not only data security and privacy are extremely important, you will also be able to bypass geographic locations and get access to content that is blocked with a VPN. Knowing all of this, you decided to take advantages of the privacy and security offered by VPN only to find that there are soooooo many options available. Facing hundreds of VPN providers a hard problem comes to you:
     Which is the best VPN?
    How to choose the appropriate VPN ?
The examples below may help you:
* Amy is pretty new to VPNs. She just want to ensure privacy and security while using public WiFi hotspots. when shopping or browsing online. So she is looking for one that is secured and easy to use. An simple and clear interactIve interface is the most important. No credit card nor registration are needed. With X-VPN all you need to do is download and one tap the  “Connect” button then you are protected. 
    * For Amy, X-VPN meets her needs of easy to use.

* Bob lives in country that has no access to some website or service such as Facebook or Wikipedia. He want to bypass the restrictions and use them freely. So he obviously needs VPN that has various exit located in countries that allow access to that website. Sometimes you might even need access to something from a specific country, and in that case you have to be sure that you provider has an exit node in that country. So the more servers in different countries the better. Our X-VPN offers up to 39 servers(25 for free and 14 premium) all over the world for you to enjoy every corner of the Internet.
    * For Bob, X-VPN is his best choice for freedom.

* Charles is the CEO of the sole-proprietorshp. He is always looking for ways to protect the data security of company. So for him, an extra layer of secure encryption and protection is essential. As for VPN tunnel protocols, IKEv2 protocol guarantees maximum security with 256-bit encryption. Our X-VPN now offers connections to at most 7 VPN tunnel protocols including the most secure one. And we  give everyone of you the freedom to choose which protocol to use without restrictions.
    * For Charles, X-XPN offers best solution for his worry for security.

So, X-VPN meets all your needs no matter who you are and what you do.
Go ahead and enjoy complete privacy, security and free access online !
If you don’t have it yet, download the X-VPN and start your 7-day free VPN trial now!
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