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Off Topic / Score This Samsung Smartwatch For $150 Off
« Last post by miniming on Today at 08:36:09 PM »
Score This Samsung Smartwatch For $150 Off

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3
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You can leave your phone behind when you put this powerful device on your wrist. The Galaxy Watch3 gives you the ability to call, text, stream music and get notifications via Bluetooth connectivity. A built-in run coach makes this smartwatch also ideal for those looking to improve their fitness. แหล่งรวมสล็อตpg
CARBIS BAY, England — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Britain wants further investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking at the end of the Group of Seven summit in southwest England, Johnson says that while it doesn’t look as if this particular disease came from a lab, the world needs to “keep an open mind.”

Though the notion was once dismissed by most public health experts and government officials, the hypothesis that COVID-19 leaked accidentally from a Chinese lab is now under a new U.S. investigation ordered by President Joe Biden. สล็อต

The G-7 leaders endorsed calls for a “timely, transparent, expert-led, and science-based” further investigation into the origins of the coronavirus.

Many scientists still believe the virus most likely jumped from animals to humans.
Off Topic / Capped fees
« Last post by miniming on June 12, 2021, 09:15:34 PM »
Capped fees

The most substantial change that Fifa wants to introduce is a cap on the commission agents can earn.

Previous regulations set soft caps which were at the discretion of the different associations, the new set of rules sets the following hard caps: pg slot auto

An agent acting for selling club – 10% of transfer fee.
An agent acting for buying club – 3% of the player's salary.
An agent acting for the player – 3% of the player's salary.
An agent acting for both player and buying club – 6% of the player's salary.
But Barnett fiercely opposes any form of limit on what an agent should be able to earn.

"I’m against capping in any shape or form. I think it’s wrong. I think it’s against all the principles of law and everything else,” he tells me.

The impact of caps is hard to predict, but there is a good chance it will favor the larger agencies that can work to economies of scale and snap up the top talent before they are commanding larger fees with a hefty commission.

This would be to the detriment of both smaller agents and lower-league clubs where fees are lower.

It would also incentivize agents to move their clients on even more often because they’d need twice as many transfers to make the same amount of money as they do now.

At the elite level it is unlikely to limit the inflation on transfers, often blamed on agents, for the same reason.

As Barnett points out, the cash will just go into someone else’s pocket.
VPN Discussion / Re: Nord VPN
« Last post by bidenpriece on June 12, 2021, 11:45:21 AM »
My experience:

I've used NordVPN firstly as an App on various devices then on a home router for the last few years. I've rarely experienced any downtime on any of the apps and the only downtime on the router comes from when they periodically disable servers. I've enjoyed NordVPN for a long time now and, while I've been a little disappointed in their service recently, it's still the best VPN provide I've found so far by a big margin. The only possible contender being PIA however their documentation is worse so Nord wins by a narrow margin for me. TODAY GOLD RATE IN HYDERABAD
Off Topic / Legislators, students push for K-12 Asian American studies
« Last post by miniming on June 10, 2021, 10:02:24 PM »
Legislators, students push for K-12 Asian American studies

Prominent attacks on Asian Americans during the pandemic, along with the Atlanta massage business shooting that left six Asian women dead, have spurred expanded conversations about Asian American identity and history

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- When the Asian American Student Union at a Connecticut high school organized a Zoom call following the killing of six Asian women in Atlanta, senior Lily Feng thought maybe 10 or 15 classmates would attend. When she logged on, more than 50 people from her school were online. By the call's end, nearly 100 people had joined.

Seeing her peers at Farmington High School turn out for the conversation — one piece of a student-led effort to explore Asian American identity issues — made her realize how much they wanted to listen and learn about a topic that is often absent from the curriculum.

“Our Asian American and Pacific Islander community members, they want their voices to be heard,” said Feng, co-president of the student group that also has brought in speakers, hosted panels and created lessons about Asian American history. “They are almost desperate to be speaking about it. This is so heavy, this is heartbreaking and it was a space for them to really voice that.”

As students push for more inclusive curriculum, some lawmakers, educators and students themselves are working to address gaps in instruction and fight harmful stereotypes by pushing for more Asian American history to be included in K-12 lesson plans.

Illinois would become the first state to require public schools to teach Asian American studies if the governor signs a bill that cleared the state Legislature. Lawmakers have proposed similar mandates this year in Connecticut, New York and Wisconsin. pg slot game

Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz, an Illinois representative, said she sponsored the bill in response to the increasing anti-Asian violence and rhetoric. Growing up, she said she knew little of the discrimination her family had faced in earlier generations because it wasn’t taught in school and her family did not openly speak about it.

“I think, like a lot of Asian families, their response to that discrimination was to endure, to survive,” she said. “And that meant moving past it, not talking about it, not educating the next generation about the struggles faced by a first generation.”

It wasn’t until law school that Gong-Gershowitz learned about the Chinese Exclusion Act, an 1882 law that prohibited Chinese workers from immigrating and the only law to exclude a specific ethnicity from entering the country, and the deportation threat it represented for her grandparents. Understanding that history is central to addressing the violence today, she said.

“When people talk about what are we going to do about racism, hate, violence, otherization, my answer is always look at the root cause of that,” she said. “Empathy comes from understanding, and we cannot do better unless we know better.”

On the federal level, U.S. Rep. Grace Meng, D-N.Y., has reintroduced legislation intended to promote teaching Asian American history. The bill would require Presidential and Congressional Academies, which offer history and civics programming to students and teachers, to include Asian American history in their grant applications. It would also encourage state and national assessment tests to include Asian American history.
Off Topic / How To Set Up Your Fundraising Round For Success
« Last post by miniming on June 10, 2021, 01:12:33 AM »
How To Set Up Your Fundraising Round For Success

Fundraising is an important part of a startup’s journey. For some, it can make or break the startup’s future. For others, it’s the difference between dramatically accelerating or hobbling their growth.

No two fundraising journeys and outcomes are alike.

Some founders raise such beautiful rounds, my jaw drops. They get brilliant terms on their investment that set them up for huge success in the future. For example, they get a top VC onboard for €1 million, for only 10% of the company’s equity and the product doesn’t even exist yet! Other founders struggle month after month to close their round of 200k. Each fundraising journey is fraught with its own difficulties. It can be intimidating. Lucky for you, I know what’s going on behind the scenes of these jaw-dropping fundraising rounds. Let me draw back the curtain and show you what’s happening on the inside. pg slot auto

The most common way to achieve those types of terms is when you as a founder get to the end of the fundraising process with the upper hand on investors. When there’s competition between investors, you will find yourself in a position to negotiate. This dynamic is best created by having multiple investors offering you a term sheet at the same time.

Sounds nice! But how do you get there?

These founders who succeeded in closing amazing investments at great terms succeeded at two things. First, some founders are simply great at pitching their startup and their future vision. But a great pitch alone won’t carry the day. You also need to manage the process correctly by doing the right things in the right order. In this three-part article series, I will reverse engineer the process behind a successful fundraising round, so you can succeed with yours!

Let’s start with how you need to start preparing for your round months or even years before...
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