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Author Topic: Online activities that Hurt your Internet Privacy  (Read 130 times)

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Online activities that Hurt your Internet Privacy
« on: October 25, 2021, 04:20:29 AM »
Passwords on a notepad. Forgetting to lock your computer. Using unknown wi-fi networks & the list goes on and on. We all do these things from time to time. Sometimes we know we shouldn’t take risks online but do anyway.

Selecting Obvious Passwords
We’ve all been warned about this one may times, yet poor password security is one of the top internet offenses. As many studies have shown, people tend to choose weak passwords. Things like 1234, ABCD, birthdays of themselves or loved ones. We all know choosing an obvious password is bad, yet many internet users choose passwords that are guessable at best, and downright obvious at worst. Weak passwords make it too easy for cybercriminals to guess or hack, and subsequently gain access to your personal details and accounts.

Connecting to Public Wi-Fi Without a VPN
The answer to the question “is public wi-fi safe” is “no.” It is generally not safe, and thus absolutely essential to use a VPN every time you connect to an unsecured or public wi-fi network. A VPN encrypts your connection to secure it, so even if it is intercepted nothing is visible. It also prevents the network from seeing what you are doing online and collecting this data on you. We’ve written about the dangers of public wi-fi networks many times before. These networks are often secured poorly or not secured at all, and public wi-fi security is generally poor, making these networks dangerous for internet users who connect. This means being “careless” on public wi-fi encompasses a variety of things.