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Author Topic: BEST VPN FOR ME  (Read 1068 times)

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« on: October 23, 2019, 12:46:48 AM »
Hello everyone,,,
I have been with Astrill for 12 months and it has just expired so thought I would look around for what best suits me. It's a bit of a minefield to be honest and was hoping I could get some guidance here.

I live in the UK and have been using a VPN mainly for downloading tv series' I also subscribe to the NBA and NFL as if I am in Spain as for some reason it is much cheaper. I have just got an apartment in the Canaries and would like to watch AtTheRaces and RacingUK as if I was in the UK. My subscription is restricted for use dry mil gauge

Astrill on the whole was good although I did sign up with a 30% discount and now they offered me zero to renew so would have cost $70 for the year. I set it up on my iphone and the US version worked at first the UK didn't and after a few months neither worked, although that wasn't important.

Is Astrill my best bet at $70 or do you recommend something better?

All the reviews seem to be from people in China and I am hoping someone on here can give me some advice from a UK perspective.