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Author Topic: VPN technical question, what is the benifit of setting up your own VPN server  (Read 4513 times)

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HI all I am new here to the site and i have a technical question i am hoping to get some responses on.... I understand how VPN works. However lets say I set up my own VPN server and my own Private network in my home. I hook my server up to my internet connection and route all my internet traffic through my VPN server. Here is my question... While all of the traffic from my computer to the server is encrypted what about the VPN server to the ISP? it doesnt make any sense to me to set up a server in your home other than a secure connection from your laptop to your home network while remote. since the traffic would have to be decrypted and sent out over the internet via your ISP. It would still be trackable because it is your internet connection through your ISP. Am I correct here? .... I know about paid VPNs and how the can protect you. By routing your traffic though their servers you are basically using their connection when the decryption process takes place. This means your using their connection and not your own and thus you are protected. thanks.... 

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Yes, you are correct. The traffic from your server to the internet is no longer encrypted. Your ISP would see the traffic as if it is coming from your home even if you are using the vpn from your laptop away from home. Your best option is to use a paid vpn service or rent a vps or dedicated server to host your vpn server.

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Another plus for using paid services is "safety in numbers". The traffic could be linked to their VPN Server, but because there are multiple users connected to that server, they can associate certain traffic to a particular user.